7 Companies that Rewarded their Shareholders [Podcast]



Today is all about good news! We will discuss 7 companies that rewarded their shareholders within the last three months and why they managed to thrive. Which is your favorite: Visa, Canadian Natural Resources, Suncor, American Tower, Granite REIT, Nike, Waste Connections, or Automatic Data Processing? Three of them make Mike more bullish… any guess?

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You’ll Learn

  • Visa (V) reported another strong quarter with EPS and revenue up 19%. Don’t be mistaken by its low yield; the dividend is up 445% in 10 years!
  • Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ) and Suncor (SUN) are both sitting on huge assets in oilsands. The two also show a yield of over 4%, but one shows a better profile and more resiliency.
  • American Tower (AMT) is a crazy stock; it increases its dividend all the time! It also shows a stable business model as it rents towers for cell phones. Will the acquisition of CoreSite distract it from cell towers?
  • Granite REIT (GRT.UN.TO) reported another good quarter with revenue up double-digit (+14%) and FFO per unit up 4.3%. The REIT also announced another distribution increase of 3.2%. Is it all pinky for Granite?
  • It was a tough year for Nike (NKE). The stock dropped by more than 30%, but is still up 75% over the past 5 years. Will China’s revenue down double digits bring more clouds?
  • Boring works well for Waste Connections (WCN.TO). This low-yield, high-growth company shows great pricing power.
  • Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is beating both EPS (+13%) and revenue (+10%) expectations and is driven by growth across all segments. No surprise it is one of the rare tech stocks to thrive this year!

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