6 Overlooked Dividend Stocks for Your Buy List [Podcast]


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Isn’t the feeling of finding a spot where no one seems to have gone before amazing? It feels just as good to discover dividend gems!

This week, we discuss 6 dividend stocks that no one talks about. For each, we’ll go through its business model, Mike’s investment thesis, and the reasons why it has been forgotten by the market.

You’ll Learn

  • How Hammond Power Solutions (HPS.A.TO)’ sticky business can bring solid growth to investors’ portfolios.
  • Why is A. O. Smith (AOS) still overlooked by the market and why you should consider it.
  • CCL Industries (CCL.B.TO) is the world’s largest producer of pressure-sensitive and specialty extruded film materials. How this repetitive purchase business model makes it reliable for investors.
  • How Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) has an impressive growth trajectory that could benefit investors.
  • Why Canadian NET REIT (NET.UN.V)’s triple net leases are to be liked.
  •  Why Mike regrets not buying LeMaitre Vascular (LMAT).

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