6 Companies that Lost Their Magic Touch [Podcast]



These 6 well-known companies used to have it all! They were leaders in their industry, the market loved them, and investors were craving to get them.

However, the story looks different now. Their stock price went down and many investors are worried. Did they really lose their magic?

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You’ll Learn

  • Disney (DIS) and magic should come together, right? However, the pandemic hurt Disney a lot, up to the point it suspended its dividend in 2020. Despite the fact that things seem to get better, Disney is still down. What’s happening and should investors keep their shares?
  • Magna International (MG.TO or MGA) is a leader in the auto parts industry that has built strong relationships with automakers. Despite its stable market, Magna struggles to get some love from the market. Is it at risk or is it time to buy?
  • Starbucks (SBUX) certainly is one of the most successful coffee brands and shops around the world. It also has a modern approach to dealing with its customers through social networking and its mobile platform. Plus, it shows double-digit dividend growth for the past 5 years. Why did it lose so much value?
  • NFI Group (NFI.TO) is a bus maker that has a 45% market share in heavy-duty transit buses and 39% in motor coaches. In 2018, it traded at around $55. It currently trades at around $12. That must hurt. Is the market right about this one, did it lose its magic touch?
  • Andrew Peller (ADW.A.TO) is a leader in the wine industry in Canada. It is known to grow by acquisition and it has proven its resiliency during the last crisis. Still, it dropped like a rock and Mike even sold his shares. What happened?
  • TFI International (TFII.TO or TFII) operates in the transportation field and logistics services. It grew through acquisitions with over 80 transactions since 2008. Despite all that, we can feel that many investors are nervous about that one. Is it only a victim of the Economy?

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