5 Metrics to Predict the Market [Podcast]


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We can’t predict everything, but there are indicators that can help us get prepared and have an idea of what’s ahead. Today, we discuss 5 macroeconomic metrics to improve your understanding of the economy, avoid panicking and help find some opportunities.

Here’s how to use the inflation rate, the interest rates, the unemployment rate, the consumer sentiment, and the housing starts to your advantage!

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You’ll Learn

  • 02:29 Why is it useful for investors to follow macroeconomic metrics?
  • 03:39 Do investors really have to read dozens of pages or articles to stay informed? What’s the simplest way to be aware of what’s going on?
  • 04:48 If you’re a little lazy like Veronique and don’t follow the market, what could happen?
  • 07:52 How can inflation help predict the market? Which stocks or sectors are more influenced by it and why does it bring opportunities in commodities, oil & gas, and raw materials for instance?
  • 11:47 Which kind of impact do interest rates have on the market and which plays can you make based on such news?
  • 15:17 What the unemployment rate can tell us on consumer cyclical companies and government spending, among others? Which types of transactions to make?
  • 19:16 Why housing starts is directly linked to the state of the economy and which sectors can benefit from it.
  • 22:22 Consumer sentiment is a little harder to interpret. Is it really reliable and what does it mean for investors?
  • 24:40 Considering the actual state of these metrics, what will the market be made of in the next months?
  • 27:35 What concrete actions, if any, can investors take in regards to these five macroeconomic metrics?

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