10 Stocks Under $50



Are low-priced stocks at a discount? Are they more volatile or of less quality? Does it make sense to wait for stock splits to get a “better deal”? Is it easier to DRIP with stocks at a low price? And what about covered calls? Let’s debunk some myths and go through the pros and cons of buying at low prices! Rest assured: we won’t leave without some stock ideas!

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You’ll Learn

  • Every time a company splits its shares, we see comments from investors thinking it will now sell at a discount. But in reality, it doesn’t change much, right? Mike gives CIBC a good example.
  • DRIPs request a smaller investment to make things easier for investors. Mike explains how low-priced stocks help achieve this goal.
  • Covered calls consist of an investor writing an option to buy your shares. Investors need 100 shares to do covered calls. Again, smaller prices should help get into action!
  • Many people believe that low-cost stocks are more volatile than high-priced ones. Also, are stocks under $50 of less quality? In other words, are they cheap because they are not solid enough? Let’s see what’s right and what’s wrong in those statements!
  • Mike and Vero end the episode with 10 stock ideas under $50: InterRent REIT (IIP.UN.TO), Vici Properties (VICI), Topaz Energy (TPZ.TO), CSX Corp (CSX), Jamieson Wellness (JWEL.TO), Gentex (GNTX), Telus (T.TO), Bank OZK (OZK), Tecsys (TCS.TO), and Pfizer (PFE). Would you add any?

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