Worries, Worries, Worries, What do You Worry About?




September wasn’t in perfect harmony with this great year on the market. In fact, it was the opposite; we left the month of September with a sour taste in our mouths… similar to what happened in January.


I don’t know if you recall what happened in January of this year (the human is likely the living being with the largest memory and has an even larger capacity to forget!). After an incredible 2013, investors started to become nervous and greedy. Results were never good enough and everybody started to think the party was ending. It seems we are getting to the same scenario right now. Some people will tell you the magic line “but it’s different this time!


What we have on the menu of terror

I’m amused by this investors’ nervous reflex to find ten thousand reasons to see the economy crashing. I decided to call it the “menu of terror”. So if you want to be anxious, you can stop sleeping right away! Here’s the list of reasons why:


The Menu of Terror

#1 Huge tension in Iraq

#2 Huge tension in Ukraine/Russia

#3 Huge tension in Hong Kong!

#4 China’s economic slowdown (read less than double digit growth)

#5 A market that is already overvalued (around 18 times its profit)

#6 A strong US dollar that could slowdown exports

#7 The fact the FED printed so many dollars with all their quantitative easing measures

#8 Canadian housing prices at a crazy level

#9 Canadians’ debt at a crazy level

#10 The inability of Central Banks to raise their interest rates without crushing the economy

#11 Brazil’s social problems and their potential debt arising with the Summer Olympics

#12 Higher expectations of companies by greedy investors

#13 The fact that October is historically the worst month for the market (where we experience the worst crashes)


I’ll stop at 13 reasons because I like this number and want to make sure you are anxious about the market J hahaha!


What makes you worry right now?

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