Why Should You Be a Dividend Growth Investor and Nothing Else [Podcast]



Why would you want to become a Dividend Growth Investor? While it’s not the only route to a stress-free retirement, dividend growth investing is a good one. Today, we preach to the converted or give you the episode you need to forward to your friends who doubt your strategy! Here are the 5 most important reasons to be a dividend growth investor.

You’ll Learn

  • The first reason and probably one that attracts many investors is to generate good returns. But how is Dividend Growth Investing different from other good strategies?
  • Good returns are hard to achieve this year. Why should investors stay the course and trust their dividend growth investing strategy?
  • Dividend growth investors get passive income with their dividends. What can they expect in terms of numbers?
  • An important aspect of dividend growth investing and one to stay in the long term is compounding interest. Mike explains how it creates new money.
  • Inflation has been a hot topic in 2022, but dividend growers protect investors from inflation. How is that?
  • Mike explains why dividend growth stocks reduce volatility and prevent investors from panic selling.
  • How is that different than people investing in dividend-paying ETFs? Why is it still worth it to pick individual stocks?

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