What’s a Dividend Rock Star? [Podcast]



How about we help you narrow your research and focus on high-quality stocks? Wouldn’t having a list of companies with solid metrics and robust business models be nice? This is what you can find in the Dividend Rock Stars!

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You’ll Learn

  • Mike created the Dividend Rock Star list to help investors ease their research among quality dividend stocks. He set minimum requirements to reduce noise while giving you many options to dig into.
  • The Dividend Rock Star List may only be based on metrics, but we describe how strong metrics usually come with a robust business model and examples.
  • To find these Rock Stars, Mike used the Dividend Stocks Rock Stock Screener and added some filters, including a PRO rating and a Dividend Safety Score of 3 and plus. This ensures a certain level of quality while not discarding too many stocks because of a different perception only.
  • Of course, the Dividend Triangle was added to the metrics for investors to avoid most dividend cutters.
  • Mike explains what’s the role of a chowder score, how to use it, and how it can help you.
  • This leads to a list of over 300 stocks, from which we point out a few great examples of good dividend companies. We also describe how to identify potential buys in such a list and spot red flags.

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