What to Do When: Stock Splits, Acquisitions, Special Dividend, DRIPs and More! [Podcast]


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Intertape Polymer got acquired, what to do? Labrador Iron Ore just paid a special dividend, can you play on that? Starbucks stopped its shares buybacks program, good or bad? CIBC announced it’s splitting its shares, what does it mean? Today, we cover the big news that can affect your portfolio and what to do with them!

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You’ll Learn

  • The day Intertape Polymer accepted to get acquired, Mike was on meeting all day. The next day, he took the time to review the press release and shares his process to make a decision.
  • Companies splitting their shares often make the headlines on the market. However, Mike is pretty neutral on them and explains why it’s pretty much a marketing stunt.
  • There are many reasons for a business to issue a special dividend. While it’s a good icing on the cake, investors must remain careful when they annalize their stocks.
  • DRIPs or no DRIPs? We review the pros and cons and also why retirees should avoid them.
  • Share buybacks can create value if done correctly. They also artificially boost EPS. Why did it turn out so bad for Starbucks?
  • What should you do when a company cuts or suspends its dividend? Should you have seen it coming? Should you let go instantly? It depends…
  • Johnson & Johnson recently announced a spin-off of its business. Should investors keep both or only one? Trying to figure out which kind of company you’ll get, looking at revenue and earnings trends for each segment could be a good start.

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