What I Expect from My Top 10 Largest Holdings [Podcast]



Mike keeps repeating to investors that now is not the time to take guesses and that they should review their portfolios to ensure their holdings can stay the course. Let’s see if Mike did his homework and check out his top 10 holdings: their weight, their role, and what downsides should Mike watch out for.

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You’ll Learn

  • We’ll take a deeper look at the first five. Do they all represent Mike’s foundational stocks? And what does “foundation or core stock” mean to him?
  • Mike’s largest holding is Apple (AAPL), the well-known tech stock, representing almost 12% of his portfolio. What’s Mike’s investment thesis and the role played by Apple in his portfolio?
  • Apple (AAPL) has never stopped growing since the podcaster owns it, so he had to trim it a few times. What does he do with the proceeds of his trims?
  • Is there any risk associated with Apple that investors should keep an eye on these days?
  • In the second place, with a little less than 10% of his portfolio, we find Alimentation Couche-Tard (ATD.TO). What does Mike expect from his beloved consumer staples stock?
  • The consumer staples sector may be greatly affected by a potential recession. Are there any fears about Couche-Tard?
  • Another tech stock, Microsoft (MSFT), is taking third place, with around 6% of Mike’s portfolio. What does it add to his portfolio? Is there any risk with Microsoft?
  • With Apple and Microsoft, the entrepreneur has about 18% of his portfolio in the information technology sector, within the top 3 only. Isn’t it a bit much? Isn’t this duplication?
  • The next one is in the financial sector, a stock that we know Mike’s love for, National Bank (NA.TO), which weighs around 5.50%. What is expected from his favorite bank?
  • Considering the current state of the economy and high interest rates, is Mike worried about NA? Would that be a reason to lower exposure and trim the position?
  • To end the top 5, we have Telus (T.TO) with 4.60% of his holdings. What role does the telco play in his portfolio?
  • It’s not going that well for Telus lately. Any concerns?
  • Vero is asking what would happen if one of Mike’s core holdings became an educated guess? Would he reduce his weight?
  • Do numbers 6 to 10 all have to be core holdings, or does Mike allow educated guesses in his top 10?
  • Very close in weight to Telus is Visa (V), a financial stock that can also be considered 1/3 technology and 1/3 consumer staples. With such a low yield, its role is to bring growth. What else does Mike expect from it?
  • At number 7, we find Brookfield Corporation (BN.TO). What’s the investment thesis for the mother of the Brookfield stocks?
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  • Granite REIT (GRT.UN.TO) is the following. REITs are tricky these days. What makes Mike confident about Granite?
  • Number 9 has been taken by a newcomer, Costco (COST). Why did Mike fall in love with the company, and what does it bring to his portfolio?
    • Watch the full Acquired podcast episode that made Mike consider Costco.
  • Constellation Software closes the top 10! What does that tech stock bring that Apple or Microsoft don’t already?
  • Looking at his top 10, what is Mike the proudest of?

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