Upgraded Stats and Navigation Enhancements


We’ve been updating WordPress.com to make it faster and more powerful behind the scenes. We’ve now introduced some changes to the WordPress.com interface as well, making website, blog, and content creation more intuitive and consistent across devices. Here’s a roundup of some of the enhanced functionality that you’ll see in WordPress.com starting today, with more updates coming next week — stay tuned!

Upgraded stats

We know that WordPress.com users are extremely keen on understanding how others view and interact with their content, so we wanted to make Stats faster, more accessible, and richer overall. When checking their site’s performance, users can now quickly keep tabs on views, visitors, likes, and comments, among other metrics.

Mobile-friendly navigation

Millions of people use WordPress.com on mobile devices, and to ensure that our mobile users have a first-class experience, we gave the WordPress.com navigation interface a little love. It’s responsive across devices, and its simpler, more streamlined design lets users find or create amazing content from anywhere.

My Sites updates

My Sites is the hub for creating blog content, organizing website pages, adjusting look and feel, and managing any and all WordPress.com websites and blogs tied to a user’s account. We announced initial updates to My Sites recently, and have since acted on wonderful user feedback to make My Sites more streamlined. Your sites will now appear in an easy-to-search sidebar, and you’ll have access to stats, posts, and themes for any and all of your sites with fewer clicks.

My Profile

My Profile is the new destination for managing account settings. Get there by clicking on your Gravatar picture. In addition to handling administration settings like basic account info and billing history, users can add Gravatar images, view WordPress.com milestones and achievements, or tap into social networks to expand their blogging community.

Support documentation is also accessible from My Profile for those who seek more guidance, and friendly live support is just a click away when our Happiness Engineers are available.


We’re continuing to make WordPress.com faster, more powerful, and more user-friendly across devices for all our users — those with a single blog and those with multiple WordPress sites. To that end, we are listening to user feedback and rolling out updates when they’re ready. Give the new navigation and enhanced stats a whirl, and let us know what you think!

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