Top 5 Canadian Dividend Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]


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If you had a black box to fill with 5 Canadian Dividend Stocks and that could not be opened for the next 25 years, which securities would you choose?

In this episode, Mike shares his Top 5 Canadian Stocks to Hold Forever and Vero challenges them with her own picks. Who wins? You’ll be the judge!

You’ll Learn

  • Which Canadian Bank should be in this top 5: RY, TD, BNS, BMO… or maybe NA?
  • Why you can count on railroads to stay the course for a lifetime. What about another transportation company, like TFI International?
  • Which telecom deserves its place in this special Top 5 Picks: Rogers, Telus or BCE.
  • How boring companies can sometimes make it to the top.
  • How a convenience store is now one of the greatest companies to hold in Canada.

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You can review the most recent Canadian Banks quarterly earnings in the video below and see if you agree with Mike’s picks.

Alimentation Couche-Tard is a Canadian company that operates a network of convenience stores mostly across North America. While its yield is very low, it is an interesting addition to any kind of portfolio, even retirees’. You can grab more info about ATD in the video below.

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