Things Investors Do That Drive Me Crazy [Podcast]



While Mike loves to help other investors, patience is not necessarily his virtue. Sometimes, he wonders why investors do what they do… not because he believes he knows it all, but rather because he has strong conviction. Let’s put that to the test today and see how good he will – or won’t – get out of controversial topics!

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You’ll Learn

  • The well-known ETF vs Dividend Growth Investing is a neverending battle that drives Mike nuts! But why is it bugging him if he has strong conviction in the DGI strategy?
  • Mike often says that ETFs work well for investors who want to start learning about the market. When does he consider someone ready to move from ETFs to Dividend Growth Stocks and when should someone avoid stock picking?
  • Mike got inspired by a Twitter fight for the “Advisor thinking bashing retail investor help” one! His main thought is: “How is this making you leave the world a better place?” How should advisors help or guide retail investors then?
  • We discussed the following a few times on the show before, but it is still something anchored in many investors’ minds: that is focusing on yield or income. Why does it drive Mike crazy?
  • Mike believes ignoring low yield because it doesn’t pay enough is a wrong assumption.
  • In his first years of dividend growth investing, Mike was following strict metrics to pick his stocks. Now, this mentality is upsetting. Why is it so?
  • Another thing driving Mike nuts is the price anchor bias. How does it impact one’s portfolio or decisions though?
  • Copying other investors is probably the best way to lack confidence in your investment. Mike explains why.

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