We can’t talk about a market correction yet

I understand that the latest market movements have made several investors quite nervous. You worked so hard to save money, you don’t want to see your nest egg melting away overnight. However, what is currently happening is insignificant. In fact, we really can’t even talk about a m

Dividend Investing and its Potential Bubble

In only a few weeks, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the latest bear market. Back in September 2008, the US stock market collapsed, and the rest of the world joined in this panicked moment. Times were dark as the nerve of the economy was touched; banks were in trouble. Wh

3 things that scare me for 2018

I’m known to be an optimist, a guy that will always tell you that today is the best day to invest your money… since you missed yesterday! While I’m confident that I will have another great year in the stock market, I’m also not a lunatic with pink glasses either. Unfortunately, the

Has your advisor called you recently?

The market is going up, you are making money; everybody smiles. I’ve worked in the financial industry for over a decade and this situation has struck me: when my clients were making money, they didn’t want me to call them. I’ve received one call from a client once telling me it wasn’t

Dividend Stocks Horror Stories

Since we are Halloween, I thought of doing something different and highlight a few “horror stories” in the dividend investing world. Several investors wrongly think that investing in paying dividend companies is a safe move. That once their money is invested, they will continue to rec

What if We are Ready for Another Bullish Market?

You know this already, the stock market is a very strange beast. It goes up and down for barely any reason and it drives most investors crazy. With a sour finish, 2015 brought everybody back to their drawing boards as many “specialists” were talking about the next market crash. After

Investing During a Market Frenzy

While being on the road like I am now, I have a luxury that most investors don’t have; I can distance myself from extraordinary events that push the market up or down. To be honest, I was aware of the Brexit decision when the market was about to close on Friday. The best part is [R

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Brexit – Are you Holding your Breath?

While I’ve been travelling through the Black Hills, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone enjoying great scenery and hiking trails, you were probably mortified by one of the most volatile days on the stock market since the credit crunch in 2008. On Friday June 24th, all markets tumbled upon th

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