Does Age Matter When Investing?

Hey! I’m Mike (you know that already?). I’m 36, turning 37 next month. This means that I was only 27 when the 2008 market crash happened and that I didn’t even have a single dollar invested in the market to watch it drop during the tech bubble or the World Trade Center catastrophe

5 Bullet Proof Metrics to Follow for All Investors

About a year ago, I was about to receive a big fat check of $108K from my former employer’s pension plan. I decided to manage this money and build my own retirement portfolio following my dividend growth investing strategy. A lot of investors on this blog were sceptic about my deci

As an Investor, You Control These Six Factors – Nothing Else

Many investors are obsessed with the timing of their investments. They think they can predict what will happen with the stock market and will find the magic loophole that will make their investment profitable. I find this premise interesting because if there is one thing we don’t c

3 Reason to Keep a 100% Equity Portfolio Until You Die

Last week, I shared my latest dividend income update. I used to be highly against tracking down my dividend income because I’m more interested in my total return than anything else. However, I thought it would be a great idea to show investors that you can invest at the “top” of a

My Favorite Quote – This Time is Different

Two weeks ago, I noticed a “flash news” showing the Bitcoin price and I thought “OMG! This thing is going down now!” To be honest, I wrote one piece on Bitcoin back in September 2017. I’m not an expert in blockchain technology and I don’t pretend I know everything. However, when pr

Should You Compare GIC Rates with Dividend Yield?

*This article is for more beginner investors, but it was inspired by many emails I received. If you follow this blog from time to time, you have already noticed how much I prefer dividend growth stocks on top of high yielding companies. Some may think that it’s because of my age (3

Things That could Ruin Your Retirement Portfolio Part III

I think the biggest retirees’ concern regarding their portfolio is probably the fear of losing money. During all those years, you have worked very hard and saved every penny you could. Then, you turned around and invested this hard-earned money in the hope of building a comfy nest

Things That could Ruin Your Retirement Portfolio Part II

In my latest post, I started a 3 parts series on factors making a big difference in your retirement portfolio. If you don’t consider them, your retirement plan could go bust faster than the plane you are taking to travel Europe this summer. The first article was about the infamous