What are Dividend Deluxe Bonds and Do You Need Them? [Podcast]

Dividend Deluxe Bonds normally fall into the high-yield stocks. However, to be classified as a deluxe bond, they need more qualities than that… Learn how to differentiate dividend deluxe bonds from dividend traps and know if you need them! Download the Dividend Income for Lif

What You Need to Know About Canoe [Podcast]

Canoe Income Fund (EIT.UN.TO) is a Canadian closed-end investment trust that looks like the perfect income product for retirees. Yet, the fund is so complex that we needed a full episode to demystify it. Here’s all you must know about this 9% yielder! Here’s the complet

High-Yield Stock Battle [Podcast]

Finding quality stocks yielding over 5% is not that simple! Yet, many retirees or income-seeking investors are looking for them. We’ve decided to help them out with a stock battle! For each pick, Mike will discuss why he likes it and Vero will challenge him with another similar ide

Retirement Portfolio Series – How to Increase Your Yield and Protect Your Income from Inflation [Podcast]

Subscribe: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts It’s only fair that dividend investors about to retire want to increase their yield. There are ways to do it without putting your retirement in jeopardy. There are also better options than gold to protect your income from inflatio