What is coming in 2018

The past 18 months were the most amazing moments of my life… Wow… 2017 was quite an adventure! After spending the first six months outside of the comfort of my house, I spent the last six building my business after I quit my 6 figure paying job. And this is only the beginning. But,

Trading on Hope is a Bad Thing; Look at What Happens to GE

I am telling you upfront, this is not the 147th article about GE and its restructuration strategy. However, I will use this example to discuss a fundamental lesson about investing. Trading on hope is a bad strategy. Without a strong investment thesis, buying a stock in the hope that t

I’m 36 and I’ll become a millionaire by 65 – Here are my plans

Have you ever wanted to be rich? From how long I can remember, making money has always been part of my life goals. Don’t get me wrong, money is not that important in my life. I would actually trade all the money in the world to stay happy and healthy with my wife and three […]

Quitting my job – Where I am at after 3 months

July 1st 2017 was the first day of my new life. I quit a 100K+ job in the financial industry and decided to live on my own terms. No more bosses, no more working hours, no more suits & tie.  Now, this all sounds like a marvelous dream, but what really happens once you quit […

3 Lessons I Learned from Running a Half-Marathon That Are Applicable to Your Investment Strategy

On October 1st, I completed my first half-marathon. I don’t consider myself a “runner” per se. I do enjoy running 6km under 30 minutes. It helps clearing my head and it gives me the kind of energy I need to go through my hard days of work. However, there is a world between running 6km

The Perfect Portfolio of Assets for Financial Independence

Since June of 2016, I’ve been on the road experiencing the most amazing feeling life can offer us: absolute freedom. For a complete year, I had the opportunity to live like a millionaire. Not in a sense that I was living a life filled by luxury (far from it, hahaha!), but in a sense t

2017 Goals

This will be a crazy year… 2017 will not be like any other year, not for me anyway. As I’m writing my goals for 2017, I’m comfortably seated in a villa up in the mountain in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. A though crossed my mind the other day: “For the next three month, […

The WWWP5K: Your Photos and Stories

Fun, fitness, and community: some stories from the annual WWWP5K.

As Long as I Get The Dividend… You are SO Wrong!

I don’t really care where the market is currently or where it’s headed as long as my dividends continue to be paid.   I often read this on blogs when the market is going sideways. When you think about it, I guess it can make sense. First, dividend growth investing is for th

Why Do You Think You Can Beat Professional Investors?

Did you know that 95% of portfolio managers don’t beat their index? How can you be better than them? I’ve been bombarded by such assumptions over the past 15 years as an investor. Imagine that professionals surrounded by scores of analysts doing research 7/24/365 and fueled by virtual