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Why do You Care So Much about Valuation? Who Are You to Say its Overvalued?

I’ll get to this chart in a moment, but first, I want to chat with you about a very important topic; stock valuation. It has struck me lately, regardless the company I look at, there is always an “expert” ready to tell me it’s overvalued. As an example, I recently bought shares of Tex

What if We are Ready for Another Bullish Market?

You know this already, the stock market is a very strange beast. It goes up and down for barely any reason and it drives most investors crazy. With a sour finish, 2015 brought everybody back to their drawing boards as many “specialists” were talking about the next market crash. After

Consumer Defensive – Ready to Face the Bear

The month on the stock market has been quite hectic but it seems that earnings are bringing back some calm to the Street. We see that after January 20th, the market started to bounce back after good earnings’ reports. It is still unclear if we will suffer a bear market or are just goi

How do You Deal With Impact of Currency Now?

Canadians are now more confused than ever as to whether or not they should invest in the US market. There are many factors playing in the investor’s mind at the moment. Before we tackle the currency challenge, let’s take a look at how both the US and Canadian markets did over th

What is Going to Happen With Dividend Stocks When Interest Rates Will Rise?

Black Swan fans are always looking for the next bubble to burst Here’s a theory for Black Swan fans; dividend stocks are the next bubble to burst and it will happen at the moment interest rates will rise.   Supporting the Theory Since 2008, interest rates have dropped to the lowe

New Books by WordPress.com Authors

From novelists to bakers, books by WordPress.com bloggers are popping up on shelves and screens everywhere this spring.

Do You Look Back After a Trade?

    I rarely do this, but I was checking my portfolio the other day and wanted to second guess a few of my recent trading decisions. This is how I went from one chart to another until I found this one:   This is a stock I bought; I held on to it for a while and then, sold it at l

11 Stocks to Hold During The Next Market Crash

    Last Monday, I discussed the Hindenburg Omens that were reported over this summer.  If the market crashes as the technical gurus expect it will, it’s not mandatory to sell all your stocks. In fact, if you hold the right stocks, you could simply cash in some great divi

Hindenburg Omen Market Crash Ahead… Ahoy!

    What do the 1937 Hindenburg zeppelin and the stock market have in common? They both have a tendency to crash. In May 1937 the Hindenburg zeppelin crashed and burned completely. The Hindenburg Omen was named after this catastrophe to show a package of technical signs t