Best 2017 Dividend Stocks Review

After a little bit more than 3 months on the stock market in 2017, we have already experienced our fair share of emotions. While the U.S. market peaked at +7.02% on March 1st, investors’ enthusiasm is fading away as the market is now up only +4.03% as at April 16th (yes, I’m writing t

Finding the Right Stock in The Current Market

Have you taken a look at the recent earnings? It is without any surprise that many US companies posted slow revenue growth due to either a “challenging” environment or (an even more common excuse: due to a strong US dollar. I follow primarily dividend stock results and many of them ar

Performance Report – 3 Months after My Best Dividend Stocks Picks

I must tell you upfront, I’m very proud to present my results after the first quarter of 2015. In fact, I’m REALLY proud since very few bloggers have the guts to post such bold confidence at the beginning of the year and post their updated results throughout the year as well. It’s eas

My 2014 Year in Review and Portfolio Asset Allocation

A couple of weeks ago, I listed my personal goals for 2015. It will be a very busy year as I expect to retire from my day job in 2016. But besides my personal goals, I also have to take care of my investments! Let’s take a look at how I did in 2014…   2014 Portfolio Review I’m qu