Growing 192K to $1M; This is How a Former Private Banker Does It

Summary #1 At the age of 36, I have $192,430 invested for my retirement. #2 I plan to reach the iconic million dollar value by the age of 59. #3 This article is not about more raw calculation numbers, you can do that. #4 This article is about how I will manage my assets to […

Should Your Holdings Reflect Your Values?

Source: author’s picture With it being Thanksgiving in the U.S. today, I thought of writing an article to make us all think about our actions. I’m going tell you upfront: I’m divided about this topic. As an investor, I sometimes forget the overall impact of my actions. After all, t

Trading on Hope is a Bad Thing; Look at What Happens to GE

I am telling you upfront, this is not the 147th article about GE and its restructuration strategy. However, I will use this example to discuss a fundamental lesson about investing. Trading on hope is a bad strategy. Without a strong investment thesis, buying a stock in the hope that t

How Many Stocks Should I Hold for a 100K Portfolio?

Not too long ago, I’ve shared with you my pension holdings. I’ve received $108K as the commuted value of my pension plan in September and I’m currently in the process of investing the whole amount in equities. So far, I have 14 positions for 76K invested for an average of $5.4K in eac

3 Lessons I Learned from Running a Half-Marathon That Are Applicable to Your Investment Strategy

On October 1st, I completed my first half-marathon. I don’t consider myself a “runner” per se. I do enjoy running 6km under 30 minutes. It helps clearing my head and it gives me the kind of energy I need to go through my hard days of work. However, there is a world between running 6km

Is Too Much Information a Good Thing?

Are you the kind of investor who keeps reading investment theories on the internet? Are the “top dividend stocks for the year” the type of articles that grab your attention? Come on… don’t be shy… we all like to see the investors’ top lists! I like to read them too! But sometimes, whe

The Perfect Portfolio of Assets for Financial Independence

Since June of 2016, I’ve been on the road experiencing the most amazing feeling life can offer us: absolute freedom. For a complete year, I had the opportunity to live like a millionaire. Not in a sense that I was living a life filled by luxury (far from it, hahaha!), but in a sense t