The Perfect Portfolio of Assets for Financial Independence

Since June of 2016, I’ve been on the road experiencing the most amazing feeling life can offer us: absolute freedom. For a complete year, I had the opportunity to live like a millionaire. Not in a sense that I was living a life filled by luxury (far from it, hahaha!), but in a sense t

SPY Vs Dividend Growth Portfolio

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you why you think you can beat professionals? This led to an interesting conversation about the difference between beating the market and reaching your goals. I think the most important thing is to reach your financial goals. It’s like registering for a

A Niche of Their Own: Five Sites to Check Out Today

A look at bloggers who find their audience by doing one thing (really, really) well.

Dividend Stocks Do Worse

We often say 1 images worth a thousand words: It’s a fact that dividend stocks have done worse than indexes since the beginning of the year. How can this be possible? Aren’t we suppose to invest in dividend stocks to avoid high volatility and because they perform better in bearish mar

Massive Cash Movement Outside Bonds – What’s In It For You?

    Have you noticed the latest trend in the markets lately? Bonds are not the employee of the month anymore. In fact, it’s not just about bonds not paying low interest rates anymore; we see massive cash movements leaving the bond market. Not a believer? Here’s what’s hap