5 Canadian Consumer Stocks Rewarding their Shareholders

Five years ago, I created Dividend Stocks Rock. The idea was to build the most comprehensive and effective dividend investing platform. Throughout the past five years, our portfolios have done very well (see for yourself). A key part of this success is attributed to asset allocatio

Video of the Week: Black Friday Dividend Deals!

As we are moving to a bear market, some companies are down lately. Does it bring some deals for investors? Looking for a few good picks on the market? Here are 5 dividend deals ideas for you to start your Thanksgiving Weekend! Enjoy your time with family and friends! Video If you e

What The Last 5 Years Taught Me About Investing

I didn’t know it back then, but 2013 was a crucial year in my life. At that time, I had been the happy owner of The Dividend Guy blog for the prior 3 years (I bought it in 2010). While I was building my online business, I was also managing a portfolio worth over $100M […]

Video of the Week: DSR is Turning 5!

Again, this week’s video is not a regular stock pick and I’ve got a pretty good reason for it! My baby, Dividend Stocks Rock, will turn five in a couple days! This video explains why I created this website and how I think it helps investors finding rock solid dividend g

Top 5%+ Juicy Canadian Dividend Stocks

Yesterday, I’ve made my list of my favorite 5%+ yielder on the U.S. market.  Finding solid companies paying high yields is a very difficult task. Many investors think they can simply pull out a filter including a 5 year history and some more metrics and they can build their portfol

My Favorite 5 Stocks Paying a Juicy Yield Over 5%

Each year, they would receive juicy dividends, see their payments increasing and their portfolio growing in value. Wow! This really looks like buying a seafront house in Hawaii for $200K, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, however, many 5% yielders end-up cutting their dividend. A 5% yield

Video of the Week: Stock Cards Tutorial

This week’s video is not a regular stock pick. The DSR Stock Cards are one of our members’ favorite tool at my membership’s website: Dividend Stocks Rock. This video should help you out in understanding all the strategy behind and why they have been built that way

What GE, Owens & Minor and Budweiser have in common?

All three are well-known giants in their industry. All three were offering a relatively high yield. All three were praised by dividend investors. All three failed their shareholders. All three were never considered for my dividend growth portfolio. We are right in the middle of the

Video of the Week: 4 Mistakes Retirees Must Avoid

This week’s video is not a regular stock pick. Through my latest webinars and reading through comments I received, I realised that retirees are pretty much left by themselves. There are plenty of content about building your nest egg, but there are very few tips on what to do

We can’t talk about a market correction yet

I understand that the latest market movements have made several investors quite nervous. You worked so hard to save money, you don’t want to see your nest egg melting away overnight. However, what is currently happening is insignificant. In fact, we really can’t even talk about a m