3 Words + 3 Tools to Strengthen Your Portfolio for 2016

I wanted to start the New Year off with a solid base. The recent discussions I’ve had with friends over the Holidays made me realize how sometimes we complicate our lives for nothing. After 13 years of investing for my own portfolio and working in the financial industry, I know

Three Ways to Refresh Your Website in 2016

Don't let your blog become blah. Discover a few simple ways to breathe new life into your website.

In Exactly 5 Months, I’ll Retire

This morning feels both exciting and terrifying: in exactly 5 months, I will take a sabbatical leave in order to travel with my family in an RV trip around North & Central America. During this trip, I seriously intend to retire not temporarily but permanently from the “ordinary li

My Top 3 Canadian Dividend Growth Stocks for 2016

Last year, I claimed the Canadian market will continue its slowdown due to oil price but would finish in positive territory for 2015. I also mentioned the US market would outperform the Canadian’s. This gives me a 2 out of 3 batting average as the TSX will definitely finish in the red

Here’s my Top 4 US Dividend Growth Stocks for 2016

At the end of 2014, I claimed I was bullish for 2015. It has been a tougher year than anticipated, mainly due to the China stock market crisis. Between June 12th and August 25th, the Shanghai 180 lost 43.4%. The North American markets usually don’t follow the Asian ones but this time,

The Best of The Dividend Guy’s Blog

Merry Christmas to you!   I’m taking a few days off until we hit the new years in a week. I’ll take this time off to think about my future, spend some great time with my family and… running under the snow! (yeah… I’m now crazy enough that I run outside during winter time!). In [&

What Was Your Favorite Post You Wrote in 2015?

With the end of the year approaching, we asked a few writers and artists to tell us about their favorite blog post they put together in 2015.
December 22, 2015

My Christmas Wish List

  We are currently approaching one of my favorite times of the year; the Holidays! I obviously like this period of the year because of the magic that surrounds my children. This year, we had to tell our oldest son (he is 10) that Santa is well… Mom & Dad! He kind of knew abou

… And we Thought the Canadian Economy Depended on Oil

The economy is like my wife, it will never cease to surprise me ???? I’m somewhat surprised by the Canadian economy vs how the market reacts. The Canadian GDP recently escaped its “technical recession” (2 quarters of decreasing GDP in a row) during the third quarter. We can’t say the

New Theme: Twenty Sixteen

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