Support the Fight Against Inequality: Resources and Ways to Act


The past few months have been tiring for everyone. As the coronavirus spread across the globe, most of us thought that we were going to live with the uncomfortableness of shelter-in-place for a few months before things could return to normal. We thought that what would consume most of our free time was TikTok videos, Animal Crossing, Netflix, and maybe a reignition of hobbies. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

Fast-forward to today. Society has not returned to normal and instead, we have had more time to engage on the topic of race on a global scale — specifically, how unfairly Black Americans are treated in American society.

We are not only bearing witness to how disproportionately the COVID-19 pandemic has hit Black and Brown Americans, we are seeing the injustices and violence Black Americans face daily in an amplified manner. Whether it’s having the cops called on you following a simple and reasonable request in the park, going jogging in your neighborhood, or being asleep in your own home, the world is watching and finally responding to these injustices. From Eric Garner to George Floyd, the list of people we grieve over is far too long.

We are hurt, confused, frustrated, angry, and just tired.

We are tired but never done.

How can you support your Black colleagues and friends?

  • Give them a bit more time, space, and compassion.
  • Understand that some of them are whiplashed and at a loss for what to do.
  • Let them come to you with causes you can support.
  • Collectively agree on a way of showing wordless support, like an emoji for example:

How can you support this movement?

Understand that this movement is not history, nor will it soon be over. We need to fight for equality until life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are available for all.

Here is a list of places you can amplify, donate to, or sign petitions for change:


Donate to any of these organizations and petitions to show support and help advance the agenda for equal representation and justice.

  • Nationwide Bail Fund
  • Reclaim the Block
  • Black Visions Collective
  • The Official GoFundMe of George Floyd’s Family
  • Justice for Regis Official Fund
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • NAACP Empowerment Program
  • Black Lives Matter Network


Sign any of these petitions to show support for change and accountability in our judicial system.

  • Color of Change Petition
  • Official Petition for Breonna Taylor 
  • Justice for Tony McDade Petition
  • Justice for Ahmaud Arbery Petition
  • Justice for George Floyd Petition


  • Call, tweet, and send posts on your social networks to your elected state or local officials and demand equal justice today.
  • Fact-check the articles and social media posts you share since misinformation is hurtful and rampant in this digital age.

Educational resources

Dedicate time to learn more deeply about institutionalized racism in America, and how to safely take action against it.

  • This Anguish and Action post from the Obama Foundation includes a “Get Informed” section with anti-racism articles and resources.
  • This detailed list of anti-racism resources includes articles, books, TV shows, and movies.
  • This post by Barack Obama reflects on how to make this moment the turning point for real change.
  • This Anti-Defamation League guide offers practical tips on how to engage young people in conversations about race and racism.
  • This post compiles resources and links on ways to support and fight for an anti-racist future together.
  • Just Mercy is an important read by lawyer and Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson.

Mental health resources

  • Ethel’s Club – A Black-owned and -operated social club that offers access to Black therapists and a multitude of creative events for People of Color. 
  • Crisis Text Line – A different approach to crisis intervention, Crisis Text Line offers you help when you text 741-741. You’ll be able to chat with someone who is willing to listen and provide you with additional resources.
  • Shine Text –  A Black-owned self-care app through which you can sign up to receive cheerful texts and tips every day. 
  • Therapy for Black Girls – A Black-owned directory to help you find Black therapists in your area. 
  • BEAM Community – A Black emotional and mental health collective committed to the health and healing of Black communities.
  • Self-Care Tips for Black People Who Are Struggling With This Very Painful Week – A resource on VICE with tips that may provide a bit of relief.

Tips for protesting

  • Knowing your rights – An indispensable resource from the ACLU.
  • How to protest safely and legally – Remember to wear a mask in order to protect yourself!
  • How to help someone who’s been tear-gassed

Lastly, let’s celebrate solidarity and beauty when we see it:

  • The international community is watching and protesting alongside us across the globe.
  • Protesters doing the cupid shuffle.
  • Protesters take a knee and raise their fists in Upper East Side, New York.
  • Protesting in Harlem, New York.
  • In New York City, chief police officer kneels with protesters.

Stay safe out there!

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