Stocks to Buy Before Vacation [Podcast]



Summer vibe on the stock market means quieter days, which is the perfect timing to do a quick mid-year recap and explore buying opportunities. Not to mention that many of Mike’s Buy List ideas are up double-digits since he selected them. Digging into his methodology could increase your batting average!

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You’ll Learn

  • Mike and Vero start with the stocks that did well from the DSR monthly buy list since the beginning of the year: Abbvie (ABBV), TFI International (TFII), Fortis (FTS), Broadcom (AVGO), etc.
  • Mike’s process for selecting buying ideas is obviously working well! How does he find these? The investor explains how to identify opportunities in stocks he likes by looking at the average PE ratio and yield.
  • The DSR monthly buy list includes 10 US and 10 Canadian Stock Ideas. Mike splits them into Growth and High-Yield categories and puts them in 3 different baskets: Core Holding, Educated Guess, and Falling Knife. What does it mean, and how is this useful to investors?
  • Buying ideas start with a debatable pick: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). It’s no surprise to see a good entry point with doubts around the spin-off and lawsuits. What still makes it a good investment?
  • Banks have had a hard time with the high-interest rate environment. Mike selected Bank OZK, TD Bank and CIBC as buying opportunities. Why?
  • In the REITs sector, the podcaster was particularly attracted by American Tower (AMT), Essex Properties (ESS), Digital Realty Trust (DLR), and Allied Properties (AP.UN.TO). However, while AMT is considered a core holding, AP.UN.TO is tagged as a falling knife. Mike explains the difference between each and why some seem riskier.
  • The material sector is also offering some opportunities lately, particularly on the Canadian side. We can think of Nutrien (NTR.TO), CCL Industries (CCL.B.TO), and Labrador Iron Ore (LIF.TO). Each one has different reasons to be worth looking into.
  • Mike ends the episode with his darling among the ideas mentioned and even adds one we didn’t discuss. Can you guess it?

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