[Podcast] DGB 01: Why Dividend Growth Investing Matters?


Welcome to our new weekly podcast! Mike and his co-host Vero start the show by demystifying why Dividend Growth Investing is an option that everyone should consider in order to enjoy a happy retirement.

At his debut on the stock market, Mike was a trader. He soon realised there was another option that came with better performance over time; and less stress.

Listen now to understand why dividend growers tend to outperform the market!

You’ll Learn

  • How Mike went from a trader to a dividend growth investor and why.
  • The difference between Dividend Growth Investing and ETFs.
  • Why “growth” is important when picking dividend stocks.
  • What type of investors are best suited for Dividend Growth Investing.
  • How dividend growth stocks tend to outperform the market through all times.

I’m not the one saying this, even Vanguard established that dividend growers outperform the market with less volatility.

What dividend growth investing is really about

My overall results are probably similar to many other dividend growth investors. The “secret” isn’t a special formula or a superpower enabling me to foresee the future and systematically pick undervalued stocks that nobody saw coming.

Dividend growth investing is not about beating the market.

It’s not about making smarter investment decisions either.

Dividend growth investing is about having a clear strategy, following a straight-forward process and making trades based on concise information, to avoid paralysis by analysis. If you apply those simple rules to your portfolio, you will likely achieve your investing goals.

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