No Dividend Growth: Keep or Sell? [Podcast]



Can a dividend growth investor keep non-growing dividend stocks? We always insist on dividend growth, but what happens if your holding shows no more: should you keep or sell? Mike has built a 5-rule decision process to help investors who find themselves in such a case. Today, we put these rules to the test with concrete examples: GNTX, BPF.UN.TO, DIS, CAE, RCI.A.TO, D, SYZ.TO.

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You’ll Learn

  • Since Mike founded Dividend Stocks Rock in 2013, he has stressed to investors about dividend growth. It’s even part of his Dividend Triangle. He explains why dividend growth is so important to him.
  • Mike used to sell any stocks that cut or suspended its dividend. He has slightly changed his mind since then. What circumstances made him review his strategy?
  • We go through the 5-step decision-making process Mike built to determine if he should keep or sell a stock.
  • We put the rules to the test with Boston Pizza Royalties (BPF.UN.TO), Gentex (GNTX), Disney (DIS), Rogers Communications (RCI.A.TO), CAE (CAE), Dominion Energy (D), Sylogist (SYZ.TO).
  • Despite rules or steps to follow, the interpretation remains subjective to a certain extent. How can investors avoid letting emotions in?

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