My Top 3 Defensive Picks


If you read my blog, that’s because you are already serious about investing. You have a solid knowledge of the financial markets and you appreciate my input. But you may be struggling finding value in this overpriced market. You might even think the stock market is going to crash in 2018… So what are you going to do? Are you going to sell some and stay home for a while or are you going to invest more money? Is so, which are your favorite stocks?

On January 3rd and 4th, I hosted 4 webinars about the stock market. I had plenty of time to discuss those topics with over 500 attendees. It was a lot of fun, it’s too bad you if you missed it! But I didn’t forget about you. I know you might not be able to attend for multiple reasons; this is why I want to offer you something today; my favorite picks for 2018 + a risk-free investment proposition.


My Top 3 defensive picks

I’m a big believer that the offense is often the best defense. This why my picks are not necessarily the classic consumer staple like Procter & Gamble (PG) or one of most solid bank in the world like Royal Bank (RY.TO). Mind you, I like both, but I thought of offering you reports on stocks that are a bit different this time. The following links include reports on my top 3 picks for 2018 along with risk-free investment proposition:

Click here to download the U.S. top picks

Click here to download the Cdn top picks

Now, More about my Risk-Free Investment Proposition

When was the last time you could invest money without worrying to lose it? I know, most of the time such offer comes to the table, it’s because it is a shady one. Fear not, this time it is for real! The stock reports I’m offering you are only a tiny part of what I offer to my Dividend Stocks Rocks subscribers. In fact, DSR subscribers received a total of 30 stock picks analysis for the New Year. This is on top of their full time access to portfolio models, trade alerts and over 100 stock cards (did you know you can ask me to review any dividend paying stocks and my team will create a stock card just for you?). On top of this, I will start doing exclusive webinars for DSR members only in 2018!

The regular price for a DSR subscription is $177 per year. But for this week only, I’m offering you a 45% deep discount on my regular price. Therefore, you can sign-up for DSR at only $97/year. The best part is that your price will never go up as long as you remain a member.

As I just mentioned, this is a risk-free offer; you have nothing to lose. My goal is not to take your money away and run. My goal is that DSR helps you making money. I like doing business when everybody wins. For this reason, I’m offering you a 60 days money back guarantee. Therefore, you can register today, take a good month to look around the site, get our stock ideas, read our reports with valuation and ranking and make smart moves upon our newsletters. If after a few weeks you don’t like it, send me a quick email and I’ll reimburse your money and you will keep all reports you have downloaded in the meantime. How about that? This is your chance to try DSR without paying the real price. But hurry-up, on Sunday, January 7th at midnight EST, the $97 offer is gone. Click on the following link and secure your price. Then, you can discover how DSR fits with your strategy:

$97 yearly membership (American Investors)

$97 yearly membership (Canadian Investors)

If you’ve gotten value from me in the past year, one little thing I’d like to ask would be forwarding this post to a friend to help them improve their portfolio in 2018.

I wish you the best for the New Year!



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