More Control Over Your Domain—Introducing Forwarding 


Ever wished you could seamlessly guide visitors from one domain to another? That’s precisely what domain forwarding does. 

We frequently use it here at For instance, when you type in—a catchy and memorable URL, if we do say so ourselves—you’re taken straight to our page at 

Today, we’re happy to let you know that domain forwarding is available and easily accessible on 

This feature is perfect for folks who want to utilize a unique domain name that will lead visitors to a specific site or page. Forwarding can be used for a number of purposes: 

  • E-commerce Campaigns: Launching a product? Secure a catchy domain and point it directly to your product page.
  • Rebranding: If your long-established domain isn’t snappy, mask it with a more memorable one.
  • Social Media Simplification: Make it easy for people to find your Facebook or LinkedIn by redirecting a unique domain straight to your profile.

Set up domain forwarding in minutes

You can use a domain already registered at, transfer a domain from an existing registrar (like Google), or purchase a brand new domain. 

To set up domain forwarding today, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Visit your domain management dashboard at
  2. Click the domain you’d like to forward, which will bring you to that domain’s settings page.  
  3. Click the “Domain Forwarding” section, enter the URL you’d like to forward to, and hit save. 
Set up forwarding now

Use for all your domain needs. If you’re looking for a Google Domains alternative due to their recent sale to Squarespace, we’re offering seamless transfers to and paying all your fees (which also extends your registration by one year).  

Out of the box you’re getting:

  • A faster domain than you’ll get at GoDaddy, DigitalOcean, or Google
  • Free privacy protection 
  • Free SSL certificate (when you host with us) 

Learn more at 

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