Lessons Learned from Inflation and High-Interest Rates [Podcast]



After the quick pandemic market crisis, we saw discussions about high inflation and higher interest rates. It has been around us since then. What’s to learn from it? How should investors adapt and manage their portfolios in such an environment? It’s not time to change your strategy… nor is it to stick your head in the sand!

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You’ll Learn

  • We are just starting to feel the lagging impact of inflation and higher interest rates. What is it and how can it impact us in the future?
  • Many businesses are affected by the current economic environment, but it seems even harder for REITs, utilities, banks, and consumers discretionary. Why and what to do?
  • Not jumping to conclusions is a lesson that must be learned during difficult times. Mike explains how trying to guess what will come next and manage your portfolio accordingly is dangerous and how to keep calm.
  • The third lesson is actually actions you can do to manage your portfolio in this tougher economic period. Focusing on a strong sector allocation, a great dividend triangle, and a robust investment thesis can prevent you from getting lost and holding companies that cannot adapt to this new environment.
  • And what about selling on a dividend cut? Is that a rule to hold on to?
  • We end the episode with the most important lesson to learn: your strategy should move slowly like a cargo!

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