It’s Going to Hurt, Stay Invested [Podcast]



The market has gone sideways for a while: Russian sanctions, outbreaks, inflation, and interest rates don’t help. There are also concrete signals that the worst is ahead. We could live in denial, but we chose to discuss why a recession may be upcoming and help you be prepared for the storm.

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You’ll Learn

  • The last “real” recession happened in 2008. What did it look like back then and which lessons could we learn from it?
  • After a few months of War and Russian sanctions, there are impacts on the market, like additional pressure on inflation and supply chain disruption.
  • There are still some outbreaks in China that won’t help with the supply chain. What does that mean for investors?
  • Should inflation continue to rise, how could it impact the market? What should investors expect?
  • Inflation and higher interest rates reduce consumer buying power. This could likely slow down the economy.
  • There are 5 markers of a recession: loss of jobs, declining real income, production and manufacturing slowdown and finally, lower consumer spending. While some are not doing so great, others can give us some hope.
  • Recently, we have also seen an inverted yield curve. What is it and what does it mean?
  • Stagflation is probably the worst thing that could happen. Is it a possibility in the current context?
  • Investors can diminish the hurt by knowing what they own and why they own it… Mike gives concrete examples of what that means.

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