Is It Time to Sell Your REITs? [Podcast]



Most REITs are not doing so well this year, up to the point that many investors wonder if they should sell them. Is real estate still a good investment or is it dead money? Let’s see what’s happening with the REIT sector!

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You’ll Learn

  • Why do REITs attract investors in the first place? What does an investment in REITs bring? These business models are easy to understand, but is it enough?
  • What is the current real estate market, and how does it impact REITs? Low interest rates brought a lot of players in this market. However, the party seems to be over!
  • How does the combination of interest rates and inflation affect REITs?
  • Which industries are the most affected? And which ones are more resilient? Are apartment REITs still a good option? What about offices or retails?
  • Are there any common mistakes investors make when buying or selling their REIT holdings? Is looking at the yield a good idea?
  • What are some key metrics investors should monitor for their REITs and where can investors find this information?
  • At this point, would investors be better off buying a REIT ETF than picking individual stocks in this sector?
  • Which REITs would Mike consider as potential sells right now? And which ones appear like great opportunities?

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