Investment Themes of 2023 [Podcast]



Every year, macroeconomic events impact the entire market or some sectors differently. Unfortunately, 2023 has a whole basket of those investment themes: inflation, interest rates, recession, and more. Today, we help listeners understand them better and know how to react. We even have a game plan for you!

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You’ll Learn

  • Understanding what influences the market helps investors select the right stocks and avoid impulsive actions.
  • Will inflation and high-interest rates impact the entire year again? Should investors expect more interest raises? Which stocks can ease their impact?
  • In such uncertainties, are REITs distributions still safe? What should investors look for in a REIT to protect its distributions?
  • TINA used to be a thing for many years. With high-interest rates, new alternatives like Bonds and CD ladders exist now.
  • ESG investment has been trendy for many years but with a minimum impact. The year 2023 might change things up now that the big funds’ managers get on board!
  • Mike shares his thoughts on a recession or bear markets coming ahead. Is it impossible to avoid it?
  • Mike details the worst and best-case scenarios for the year. Let’s hope for the best!
  • We end the episode with a 5-step game plan to go through the year with confidence.

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