Investment Themes and Playbook for 2024 [Podcast]



Many factors will influence the market in 2024, some for good, others for worse. While the goal is not to change your entire investment plan, knowing about them helps you understand your results and make better choices for your portfolio.

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You’ll Learn

  • We started 2023 with the fear of more interest rate hikes and continued inflation. These themes didn’t pass throughout the year… until the end of the year! Many experts predicted more increases, and now we expect cuts!
  • Mike warned us about an upcoming recession at the beginning of 2023… which is not officially there yet. Will we be able to reach the smooth lending hoped for?
  • However, big retailers have added words of caution about their customers being reluctant. Should investors expect lower earnings in 2024?
  • What are Zombie Companies and how can they impact the stock market?
  • In 2023, many investors left the stock market boat or waited to invest. According to Morningstar, at least $6 trillion is sitting in cash on the sidelines. What could this lead to?
  • Some people also switched strategies to income products like bonds. This will create a bond rally, but is it a long-term play?
  • Artificial intelligence has been a trendy word in 2023. Is it the solution to cost savings in 2024? And how can this impact investors?
  • It has been a rollercoaster for renewable energy over the past two years. Will it continue and what is the long-term perspective for the industry?
  • Can war and political tensions affect an investment portfolio this year?

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