Insights into Military & Aerospace and Banks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]



The Military & Aerospace and Banks industries are two serious ones. They both involved a lot of money. Yet, one shows excellent contenders in the US, while the other thrives better in Canada. What should investors know about these subsectors? Which companies deserve your attention? Let’s hit high altitude and finance!

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Cover Page of the Booklet.
Cover Page of the Booklet.

You’ll Learn

  • The military and aerospace subsector is part of the industrial sector, which is quite diversified with 25 industries. As it was formed by all the innovative companies as part of the industrial era, does it still show some growth?
  • Large companies and barriers to entry in the military and aerospace subsector make it quite attractive for investors.
  • Unfortunately, wars in Ukraine and Palestine have brought a growing interest in this subsector. Is it dependent on conflicts and political tensions to perform?
  • The subsector faces challenges when inflation and interest rates rise. What else makes them less performant?
  • Most companies evolve in the US. Among Mike’s favorites, we can name Lockheed Martin (LMT), Northrop Grumman (NOC), General Dynamics (GD), and RTX Corp (RTX). The podcaster explains why he likes them.
  • Although it doesn’t fit the dividend growth investing strategy, CAE deserves a mention for Mike.
  • Moving on to Banks. Mike starts with a few words about the Financial Services sector. What should investors know?
  • Of course, banks are highly related to the economic situation. In which context do they perform well?
  • Recession makes it tough for them nonetheless. Mike gives his 1 to 6 ranking and why. Lear more about Royal Bank (RY), TD Bank (TD), BMO (BMO), CIBC (CMI), ScotiaBank (BNS), and National Bank (NA.TO).
  • We add a not on smaller players in Canada such as Laurentian Bank, Canadian Western Bank, GoEasy and EQ Bank. Does Mike like these stocks?
  • Investors tend to believe that every Canadian Bank is a good choice. But this is a wrong assumption to make. For instance, some issues are going on with BNS…
  • Now, let’s discuss Mike’s favorite US banks: JP Morgan (JPM), Bank of America (BAC), and Bank OZK (OZK). Why are they among the best?

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