I Have to Share This With You; My Largest Webinar Ever!


Let me tell you about my last Thursday.

Thursday March 15th, I woke up feeling that I was on top of the world. I hopped in my Porsche and hit the marvelous roads of Costa Rica. I was speeding under the sun, I could feel its warm welcome. The sea, the palm trees, everything was perfect. I was ready to nail it. But then, the largest “vaca” crossed the road and I crashed into it. The car went up in the air as it was a Hot Wheel doing loops and my world turned upside down.

Thursday March 15th, I hosted my biggest webinar ever! Over 600 people registered to see it. I was quite excited! Then, the “vaca” (that’s “cow” in Spanish, just in case) crossed my computer and what was supposed to be an awesome webinar with hundreds of people interacting stopped after 12 painful minutes where my camera was lagging and my microphone kept cutting off.

You know when you prepare ahead of time. When you work relentlessly until it’s perfect and you are pumped and ready for this. When it’s your moment, your webinar crashes, the sound is terrible and you have to cancel on the 620 people? Yeah, that was me last Thursday… fail… EPIC fail…

This was a humbling experience, to say the least. I had worked several hours to put this webinar together and it all went into thin air. It was now 1:30 pm and I had to take a break. I was furious. I changed my mind playing video games for an hour and then I get back on my computer. I had done over a dozen of webinars without a single technical problem so far this year. I then decided to go on through an extensive series of tests to make sure it will work well next time.

Then, instead of staying mad or getting terrified about getting in front of the camera again, I sent a quick email to all attendees to reschedule it the next day. I obviously didn’t keep the 600 people who registered for the original webinar. But this time, the webinar went well and I was proud of my work. It felt good.

I managed to be able to download the webinar and posted it here. You can watch it whenever you want. Note that the image quality is not at its best at the start and towards the end because of the high number of persons who were chatting at the same time, but it is a brief problem.

There was a promo mentionned in the webinar for my site Dividend Stocks Rock. Do not hesitate to have a look at these promo pages as they include downloads of the presentation as well as 3 Free DSR Stock Cards!

Canadian investors please click here.

US investors please use this page.

I’ll be quiet next week as I’m flying to Guatemala today. I can’t imagine a better timing to take a pause! Hahaha!

Let me know what you thought of the webinar in the meantime!

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