I Hate Bitcoins, But I Like Crypto [Podcast]



We hear about Bitcoins and other Cryptos all the time… mainly from the ones that made a lot of money with them! As they are part of the investment world, here’s a guide to help investors understand what it is, what it is used for, the pros and cons, and Mike’s opinion and experience. If you’re a beginner in crypto, you’re at the right place!

You’ll Learn

  • Cryptocurrency is digital money validated by computers all around the world. You can think about it as a chain of Legos. There’s no identity required to hold some… but that also means no protection.
  • Bitcoin is probably the most popular or known crypto. But there are many others, like Ethereum. What are the differences, and which one seems more useful?
  • Tokens are easy to create; it only takes a couple of minutes! NFTs are a type of it. However, many scams open the doors to hackers. Is the fun still worth it? How should you address such an investment? Mike shares his own experience.
  • How can we explain the hype around Bitcoin and other cryptos?
  • Why does Mike hate Bitcoins but like crypto? Is there even a difference?
  • Many investors are tempted to say that Bitcoin is the new gold. But past performances tell a different story. Mike explains why he doesn’t see a correlation and what he thinks is the place of cryptocurrency in our future.

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Mike’s opinion on Bitcoins didn’t change much over time. Here’s the article he referred to in the episode he wrote 5 years ago!

Why I Decided to Ignore Bitcoins



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