How to Start Investing – 4 Strategies That Work [Podcast Series]


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We all want the retirement of our dreams. But starting to invest could be intimidating. If you don’t know how to do it, this small series of three episodes should be your first stop. Today, we begin with 4 Strategies that Work to Start Investing.

What’s in it for you? Advisors, Robo-Advisors, ETFs, Stock Picking, and a few more tips down the way!

You’ll Learn

  • The pros and cons of working with an advisor and how to find a good one.
  • How do robo-advisors work and why should investors use them.
  • How can investing by yourself in ETFs can make you evolve and save some fees.
  • What to know before taking the stock-picking route.
  • How is Dividend Growth Investing different from picking regular stocks on the market, and is it really safer?
  • Once you’ve selected your strategy, what are the questions to ask yourself to set up your investment plan?

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