How to Invest in 2024 [Podcast Series]



Let’s prepare for the New Year with our How to Invest in 2024 series! From January 1st to January 5th, we will have daily 15-minute episodes filled with small and easy actions to make you confident about your 2024 investment plan. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Intro and Special Announcement
  • 2023 Year Review on the Market and Impacts for 2024
  • Stock Categories to Get Your Portfolio Ready for the Year
  • Do Your Holdings Pass the Stock Checklist?
  • Simple Retirement Planning

How to Invest in 2024 Introduction

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You’ll Learn

2023 Year Review on the Market

In 2023, Mike interacted with many investors through email, webinars, and the DSR Financial Independence service. It is challenging to have a general feeling between them as some had a great year, while others were very upset. What can explain this difference? How should investors react?

Get Your Portfolio Ready for the Year

Putting your holdings into three easy-to-understand categories will help you know what you own and maybe bring you to review why you own it! Understand how each category in this tier list differentiates and how much weight each should represent.

Do Your Holdings Pass the Stock Checklist?

Here’s a powerful yet simple tool to analyze companies: a Stock Checklist! This one-page fillable PDF includes the important aspects to analyze equities: its role, dividend, safety, and growth. Learn how to create your own or use ours!

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Simple Retirement Planning

This series would not be complete without a quick guide on retirement planning. We’ll discuss goals, budget, income sources, tax optimization, cash reserve, types of accounts, and how to set up your portfolio for retirement day!

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