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If you had $100K to invest, how would you do it? Some people are paralyzed because they lack confidence in their abilities. One of the most common struggles among investors is actually the fear of losing money or making a mistake. Let’s be honest, high-interest rates, inflation, and the high possibility of a recession amplify that fear. Let’s give you some conviction today with a simple plan!

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You’ll Learn

  • Considering all the uncertainties around the stock market, is it a good idea to become a DIY investor? In other words, is it safer to invest with an advisor? Mike goes through the pros and cons of investing with an advisor, in ETFs, or as a DIY investor.
  • Completing a traditional investor profile questionnaire is the best way to decide which asset allocation is, and ask yourself how you would feel if your 100K became 75K.
  • There are risks of waiting on the sideline, and there are also risks of investing right before a market crash. Let’s see which one turns out to be better.
  • A good way to invest confidently is to use the 1/3 strategy. Mike explains what it is and how to use it.
  • Once you’ve done those pre-investing steps, it is time to build a buy list. There are key metrics and buying processes to make things easier and help you select the right stocks.
  • Writing down an investment thesis should not be overlooked. It will ease your buy and sell decisions.

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