How I Outperformed the Market by 2.50% Annually Since 2017 – Mike’s Portfolio Yearly Update [Podcast]



As the last episode of 2023, Mike looks back at his dividend pension plan portfolio to see what generated his results. Get tips on how to review your own along the way and identify the next actions to make or not to make! 

You’ll Learn

  • Mike often mentions he reviews his portfolio quarterly. How is the yearly update different and why is it important?
  • Which tools and metrics does the investor use to pull out his results?
  • What benchmark does Mike use and what is his goal: beating the benchmark or his own results?
  • Pulling out your results is interesting, but understanding them is what really matters. To do so, you’ll look at different aspects of your portfolio and take notes quarterly before the yearly update.
  • The asset allocation is the first thing to review. What conclusions can Mike make for his pension plan?
  • Next step is the sector allocation. What’s important when looking at your sector pie chart?
  • Then, a look at your holdings’ ratings will help you identify losers or companies that might be at risk. Based on that, which companies show red flags in Mike’s portfolio?
  • At this point, should investors still review their investment thesis and dig further in the numbers or is their analysis pretty much a copy and paste of the previous quarters?
  • Dividend diversification is another important part of a portfolio, especially at retirement. Relying on a single stock to get 10% of your total dividend income is risky. Do investors have to trim some positions because of that?
  • In summary, what went good and what went bad for Mike’s portfolio?
  • The yearly update is the perfect timing to act. What decisions will Mike make based on it?

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