FIRE and Dividend Investing with Bob Lai Aka Tawcan [Podcast]



Bob Lai, from Tawcan, is a Canadian dividend investor who chronicles his quest for financial independence and joyful life. He and his wife started building their dividend portfolio in 2011 after a financial epiphany. Today, their portfolio generates over $3,400 in dividends per month. Here is Bob’s journey to financial independence and his approach to investing in dividend growers to reach it.

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You’ll Learn

  • Frugality runs in the family! Bob explains how his young retired parents influenced him and shares parts of his life story.
  • The dividend investor is also pursuing tradition with his kids and lets them learn from their own mistakes.
  • As an experienced traveler, Bob shares some tips to save money during his trips.
  • Moving to invest, Bob and Mike discuss their views on total returns vs yield. Bob also shares his buying process.
  • Among his biggest investor mistakes, the blogger laughs around how he passed by GOGL and AAPL many years back.
  • How does Bob feel about the current market? Does it influence his strategy?
  • As his sleep-well-at-night stocks, Bob describes strong companies that are easy to understand: Canadian Banks, Railroads, Telecoms, and gives his best picks.
  • Bob discusses many aspects of his investment strategy: taking returns, ETFs, and asset allocation.
  • How to reach FIRE similarly to what Bob did? The Canadian gives 4 Steps Each Investor Should Follow.

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