Everything Irrelevant to Dividend Growth Investing [Podcast]



Mike has a different perspective on some sides of investing that can be refreshing or thought-provoking for many. The goal here is not to destroy others’ strategies but rather to open the doors to new ways of investing in the hope it can empower you.

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You’ll Learn

  • Let’s start with a popular theme: CDRs. What are CDRs, and do they really bring a solution to investors?
  • The currency exchange is a concern for many Canadian investors. Mike explains why it’s not a real problem to him and why the diversification point is heavier than the currency exchange argument.
  • On the same train of thoughts, is it always a benefit for American to buy Canadian stocks? Where is the real advantage?
  • While Mike considers tax optimisation as relevant, he believes it’s not the most important thing either. Staying true to you strategy, asset allocation, sector allocation, and buying process comes first.
  • We’ve been vocal about how the dividend yield is not relevant for dividend growth investors. Mike explains why it’s still irrelevant for retirees.
  • Stop sell orders seem like a good tool to minimize losses. But what if Mr. Market only does what it does best: create volatility? There are ways to let your winners win and not panic sell without such tool.
  • Technical analysis is another strategy that Mike sees as irrelevant, althought some investors can make good money from it. So then, why doesn’t he use it?
  • We all agree that we should pay a lower price to get a better deal when buying a security. However, to date, valuation remains nothing but guesses… Mike shares his views on it.
  • Mike ends by adding a note on timing the market.

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