Emotion Creates the Motion


Emotion Creates the Motion

Have you heard that somewhere? I know, the real official quote is the opposite (motion creates emotion) and it comes from Boiler Room:



It seems a bit simplistic; but I believe emotion creates the motion. I believe one can change his future if he’s fully invested in it. I’m pretty sure you have encountered this question during an interview;

If your friends or colleagues were here; how would they describe you?

Well… my friends, my family, my wife would qualify me in one word; passionate. In each and every single thing I do; I invest myself fully. If I’m not passionate about something, I just don’t do it. All of this because I believe emotion creates the motion.



Why do you think emotion is so important? And why do you think I want to write about emotion when you are reading a dividend investing blog? What does emotion have to do with investing? Well, while we like thinking financial theory and rationale lead the investing world, emotions created by the stock market is the only law exercising true power.

We take pride in our investing returns.

We look forward receiving our next dividend payments.

We enjoy making new purchases.

We fall in love with a company.

We hope to reach financial freedom.

We get anxious when the market crashes.

We wonder if we bought the right stock after a bad quarter.

It’s all about emotion. And this is the same concept leading my latest project; the never ending thirst for freedom. When you find a way to channel your emotion towards the achievement of a single goal, this is where you create the motion.



Since January, I have been working day and night to keep my day job and grow my online business at the same time. Since January, I’ve increased my online income by 57%. I didn’t reach this milestone by fluke; I reached it because I’m fully invested. Because I think about my project each day, because I work on it every night, I generate enough emotion that there is a motion emerging out of it.

When I started my new schedule at the beginning of the year, it felt like pushing a huge rock to the top of a mountain. It was darn hard and it was moving very slowly. However, at one point, I feel like I’m getting to the top of the hill as the rock seems to roll by itself. It’s not at full speed yet, far from it, but I know the motion has been created. Now, the whole landscape is moving according to my vision.

I was able to convert my excitement for a new life, my thirst for freedom, my love for my family into a project. Into something that will change my life. I still have a long way to go before I can reach financial freedom, but the motion has started.


My Annual Meeting with my Partner

Over the past weekend, I spent my whole Sunday at a café to meet with my partner. We do this once a year to establish our goals, our vision for our online company. This year’s meeting was a bit different as we were quite excited about seeing me quit my job in exactly 12 months (shhh! Don’t tell my boss yet!). My plan is to leave for a 12 month sabbatical, but I don’t really intend to ever come back.

We determined we were on the right path to achieve this goal by growing our Dividend Stocks Rock investing platform. By making investors’ lives simpler, by providing them with research and portfolio models but also by providing members with direct access to the owner of the site (Me!), we are making a difference. This website can definitely become a real business and won’t be a one trick pony for long. We already have one person working full time on the site plus my partner and I totalling another 40 hours of work/week. Next year, I’ll become the second full time employee of this website and expect my partner to quit eventually joining the team full time.


You Work Too Much, You Should Rest

I was half amused, half insulted by my mother lately. She knows how we both work, my wife and I, to put the house up for sale (it’s finally up! Waiting for phone calls now!), working on our itinerary across America and on the websites. All she was able to say when she noticed I answered her email around 1am was:

You work too much, you should rest

This is exactly where the emotion comes into play; working 60-70 hours is not normal and probably not sane. But when you are passionate about something, you don’t really mind; it’s not exactly like working anyways. If you have a project, I’d tell you that you should work harder and never think about resting… anyway, if it really drives you, the emotion will create the motion!


Are you motivated enough to work long hours and fully invested yourself in something? I want to know what it is.

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