Do You Hold These Potential Dividend Cutters? [Podcast]


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A dividend cut is something that we remember a long time! Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again. Today, we review 4 dividend payers that might be on the edge of cutting their distributions. By going through their business model and red flags, you’ll be able to quickly know what to avoid in the future. Should you hold any of these, we’ll also give you better options in the same sector.

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You’ll Learn

  • Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) is specialized in healthcare facilities. Yet, the REIT didn’t increase its dividend payment for the last 8 quarters! What’s going wrong for OHI? Why Medical Properties Trust (MPW) seems like a better option in this industry.
  • True North Commercial REIT (TNT.UN.TO) shows $1.4B in assets and an occupancy rate of 96%. With its stable tenants, everything seems to be bright for TNT. However, the payout ratio tells a different story. Allied Properties, Smart Centres, CT REIT or Canadian NET REIT are all showing better metrics and higher dividend safety.
  • Chartwell Retirement Residences (CSH.UN.TO) has had disappointing quarters in the late year but still seems solid. What makes it a potential dividend cutter?
  • This list is all made of REITs. Why is this sector such a good place to find potential dividend cuts?
  • Choice Properties (CHP.UN.TO) is partially owned by Loblaw and Weston and it’s one of Canada’s largest REITs. Is it really a candidate for a dividend cut?
  • How a Screener, a SWOT analysis and a look at the payout ratios trend are the key points to prevent dividend cuts.

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