Dividend Reads + 20 FREE PASSES to my Special Dividend Project


Hey everyone!


As you can see, I’m still struggling writing on the blog while working on my special dividend project. This is because I really want to launch this project before the Christmas and it’s coming very fast! We are almost one month away from the Holidays so I need to put all my efforts into this project.


I’m hoping to launch the Beta version within the next 2 weeks and I will open TWENTY FREE PASSES. If you haven’t signed-up to my special dividend project yet, here’s your chance. Just click here and register to win one of the 20 free passes!


Here are some great reads for the weekend:


This is the Dividend Raising Time!

#1 6 Stocks with a dividend raise @ Dividend Growth Stocks

#2 5 Stocks with 25% dividend growth @ Long Term Investments Blog

#3 Recent Dividend Increases (7 stocks!) @ Dividend Mantra


Dividend Reads:

#1 Dividend Growth Definition @ Dividend Growth Investor – always a great recap for beginner investors.

#2 Are US Dividend Stocks Overpriced @ Dividend Ninja – I don’t think so, still very bullish!

#3 Safe Dividend Stocks @ Dividend Ladder – I like GIS ;-)


Dividend Stock Analyses:

#1 Chevron (CVX) and Exxon Mobil (XOM) @ Seeking Alpha

#2 More on Chevron (CVX) @ Dividend Growth Machine

#3 Walmart (WMT) @ Seeking Alpha

#4 John Deere (DE) @ Dividend Engineering

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