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I hope you will enjoy your weekend as much as I will! I’m staying in St-Louis for the weekend for The Financial Blogger Conference AND I’m going to see the Cards for game 6 tonight!


1. 6 Increasing dividend stocks during the Gov’t turmoil @ Dividend Growth Investor

2. 10 great  Buffett quotes @ Passive Income Earner (It’s always good to remember his wisdom)

3. The Hierarchy of success by My Own Advisor (A great way to start any projects)

4. Ultimate Dividend Portfolio Update @ Intelligent Speculator (nice dividend stock picks!)

5. Top Canadian Preferred Shares ETFs @ Million Dollar Journey


Dividend Analysis:

Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC) @ Dividend Engineering

Pepsico (PEP) @ Passive Income Pursuit

Aflac (AFL) @ Dividend Growth Stock Investing (you should get a pretty good idea of AFL after reading Dividend Monk’s analysis last week, this one, and mine a few months ago)

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