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This week, I made 2 additional purchase! You can take a look at them here. I also asked you what you would do with 10K in your bank account. I used my bonus to pay off my debts. It’s probably the first time I use money to pay off my debts instead of keep investing! The feeling good thought! Here’s what I read this week:


Dividend Read for the weekend:

DivHut highlights companies suffering from another falling commodity: COPPER! I’m already getting burn by oil, I’ll stay away from a second commodity, but it is definitely a good place to search for undervalued stocks!

Dividend Diplomats update their stock watch list. There are some interesting picks there. I even discovered a new stocks to look into (PH… does it ring a bell?).

Dividend Jigger reviews his net worth. In a single year he jumped from 20K to 106K! Seriously! This is awesome! He was kind enough to share how he did it in the comments (I asked him).

Passive Income Mavericks sold his emerging market ETF to buy Unilever (UL). I never really considered UL but it shows better fundamentals than Procter & Gamble (PG), I guess it worth taking at it look at it closely.

Dividend Growth Investors suggest a simple but effective way to never run out of money. I just can’t wait to reach this level! Hahaha!

Dividend Ladder reviews PPG Industries (PPG). Did you know that PPG was the world’s largest producer of coatings and paints for residential and commercial customers?

Dividend Mantra explains that work and financial independence are not mutually exclusive. I totally agree with Jason; you can be financial independent and continue working. Working is so much fun when you are not forced to do it!

My Dividend Growth analyses not 1 but 4 stocks at the same time! I like Mastercard (MA) even though the yield is very low. The business model is just… perfect! (and I love my Mastercard Elite as well! Hahaha!)

Pollies Dividend analyses Stanley, Black & Decker (SWK). The EPS trends is a bit hectic and the dividend yield is low but the company still show strong fundamentals.

Finally, Ben at SureDividend did some math this week and applied the Graham Formula to the Aristocrats. Only 4 passes the test!


Enjoy the weekend!


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