Create the Best Buy List [Podcast]


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Have you ever made your groceries without a list? You probably ended up throwing food in the bin a couple of days later… You’re doing the same mistake if you invest without a buy list!

Having a buy list is crucial. Here is how to create the best one using must-have metrics and the tools to assess the future of a company.

You’ll Learn

  • How having a buy list can prevent you from making costly investment mistakes.
  • Do a watchlist and a buy list have the same goal? Can you use both?
  • What is the Dividend Triangle and why it’s a good starting point in your research.
  • How trends in PE, payout ratios, and other metrics will help you understand what happened in the past.
  • Which data or information to use to assess the future of a company.
  • The importance of sector allocation even in your buy list.
  • To what extent is valuation important when you’re about to buy a stock.
  • How looking at the Chowder Rule can help investors achieve their goals.
  • Why include an investment thesis for each of your potential buys.
  • How a stock screener can help investors filter the most interesting options for their goals.

Talking about a Stock Screener, members at Dividend Stocks Rock have access to an awesome one including over 40 metrics. But if you’re looking for a free one, Mike mentioned Finviz in the episode.

Our friend at Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement (DGI&R) also has a great free Canadian Dividend All-Star List that you can check out for stock ideas.

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You can access Mike’s portfolio building and managing philosophy in the DSR Recession-Proof Portfolio Workbook. Download it for free now!

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