Blogging U.’s Photo 101 Course: Post a Photo a Day


On The Daily Post, we host the popular Weekly Photo Challenge each Friday, and we’re always excited to see your snapshots from all over the world. We thought a free photoblogging course mixing the spirit of these photo challenges with bite-sized shooting tips would be a fun way to get you taking pictures and meeting your daily posting goals.

Introducing Blogging U.’s Photography 101 course

Photography 101 is an intro-level course, open to all. You might be a totally new blogger, an amateur photographer, a veteran photo challenge participant, or a pro-shooter. Or, you may be someone who wants to participate in the daily posting madness of November, alongside NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo enthusiasts, in a more visual way. Self-hosted bloggers and photographers on other platforms are also welcome to join us.

The basics:

  • A month-long course, starting November 3 and ending November 28. Weekend participation is optional.
  • No prerequisites, other than your camera.
  • We love all devices! Use your cameraphone, compact point-and-shoot, dSLR, or other equipment. (You can shoot with a film camera, but note the suggested goal is to publish an image on your blog each day. Alternatively, film photographers are welcome to use the themes as inspiration, and all are free to participate in a way that works for you.)
  • The course tag is photo101, which you can use to connect with fellow participants and see their submissions in the Reader.
  • If you shoot mainly from your iOS or Android phone or tablet, download the WordPress app (for iOS | for Android) if you don’t already use it. We’ll also watch the wponthego tag for images you post from the app — we want to see your photography on the go!

What to expect each day:

  • New assignments are published on The Daily Post each weekday at 12AM GMT.
  • Each assignment includes a daily theme and tip to inspire you to take a picture and publish it on your blog. Browse our past Weekly Photo Challenges for the types of themes to expect.
  • The daily tip consists of basic shooting and editing advice: we might share tips on composition, working with different types of light, or cropping and rotating an image. Each tip complements the daily theme, but you don’t have to incorporate it into your shooting or posting process.
  • Participants will have a private community site, the Commons, for chatting, connecting, and seeking feedback and support. Daily Post staff and Happiness Engineers will be on hand to answer your questions and offer guidance and resources.
  • This course will remain separate from our Weekly Photo Challenges on Fridays. You can focus on this course, or participate in both.

Interested in joining Photography 101? Register now! If this course doesn’t sound right for you but you’re itching to join a Blogging U. course, consider Blogging 101, which focuses on the nuts and bolts of blogging. You can register for either course — or both — below.

You won’t receive an automated confirmation, but you’ll get a more detailed welcome email before the courses begin.

Please note that if you’re clicking over via email and receive a security warning, remove the “s” in “https” in the link and refresh. Alternatively, just fill out the embedded form at the bottom of the post.

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